Enjoy the Great Outdoors More Comfortably

Enjoy the Great Outdoors More Comfortably

Get rid of common insects in Carrollton, Richardson, TX and surrounding areas in TX

Did you know that mosquitoes can sense their human prey from up to 100 feet away? Defend your home against mosquitoes and other common insects by calling on the professionals at Assurance Pest & Termite. We'll implement an effective mosquito control treatment plan so you can enjoy spending time outside without fear of getting bitten.

Contact us today to schedule your mosquito control service in Carrollton, Richardson, TX and surrounding areas in TX or surrounding areas.

Say goodbye to buzzing, biting pests

If insects are invading your home or business facility, turn to Assurance Pest & Termite for help.

Residents of the Carrollton, Richardson, TX and surrounding areas in TX area count on us to get rid of common insects, including:

  • Mosquitoes. Since female mosquitoes lay eggs about every three days, an infestation can take hold quickly.
  • Termites. On average, a homeowner will spend $3,000 to repair termite damage.
  • Bedbugs. Bedbugs can survive for several months without feeding.
  • Cockroaches. In addition to carrying bacteria and parasitic worms, cockroaches can trigger allergies and aggravate asthma symptoms.
  • Ants. Carpenter ants can wreak havoc on your home by gnawing away at the structure.
  • Fleas. For every flea that you see on your pet, there are hundreds more eggs and larvae in your home and yard.
  • Flies. Flies carry 100+ different kinds of disease-causing germs.
  • Rodents. Rodents like mice and rats invade an estimated 20 million U.S. homes every year.

Whatever kind of insect infestation you're dealing with, we'll help you fight back. Call now to get a free estimate.